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Marketing strategy
The marketing strategy complements your business plan. Think of them as fish & chips, Laurel & Hardy, Banksy & graffiti. They shouldn’t be without each other and we at Journey make sure that the partnership is a success by ensuring we understand the objectives of the business as a whole and not just the marketing department.

The marketing strategy is an integral part of developing your company and will always align with your business plan. It will set you on the correct course for all your marketing. The strategy focuses on the big things, such as your proposition and all related brand messaging, to get your offering across to your customers. Understanding why your offering is different to your competitors, external influences on your product, opportunities with product extensions or price promotions and conversion strategies are all areas that Journey will investigate.

Journey will absorb ourselves into your world, live and breathe your brand, business goals and audience to ensure that we create a marketing strategy that works. Your aim may not be just to increase sales. It might be to retain and expand existing customers or increase the strength of your brand in the wider world. Although generally working on your brand should yield an increase in sales.

Read how MacMillan have recently focussed on their strategy to reposition themselves: