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Future Thinking

“Just to say that the launch of the new brand has been a success. Many thanks for all your hard working in delivering the new website. I appreciate that the build has been less straight forward than anticipated but it has certainly come together very well. It has also been a refreshing change to work with an agency that has made the process such a pleasure!”


John Whittaker / Head of Marketing / Future Thinking

About Future Thinking

Future Thinking is a business intelligence specialist who help clients to predict the future. They required a new WordPress site containing useful content, interesting downloadable information. It needed to be visually pleasing with a simple nav and easy to maintain.

How we helped

Journey worked with the marketing team at Future Thinking to really get to the crux of what the business needed. It soon became apparent that the business is multi faceted with a plethora of services on offer.

We created a multi lingual website which allowed very simple navigation for the visitor with a set of icons to complement the journey. The result has been a better user journey assisting in the acceleration of business growth and acquisition of the right type of customer.

We helped with:

  • Brand identity
  • Logos & stationery
  • Web design





Icon creation

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Icon creation