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“Journey played an integral role in creating the essence of the Woodford brand and made a meaningful and lasting contribution to the successful launch of our business in May 2014. Working closely with the Journey team for several months ahead of the launch was a very enjoyable experience and they really grasped the spirit of our new business, carefully implementing a plan which perfectly reflected the core values at the heart of our business.”


Mitchell Fraser-Jones / Head of Investment Communications / Woodford


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About Woodford

Woodford Investment Management is the new kid on the block in the fund management industry – but with the most illustrious pedigree. Neil Woodford, CBE, is one of the most respected fund managers in the UK and when he announced in 2013 that he was leaving Invesco Perpetual after 26 years to set up his own fund management business, its launch in 2014 was hotly anticipated, ensuring a very high profile for the new venture.

How we helped

What a brief!  At the time Journey was appointed, the company existed in all but name and was yet to be structured. With a proposed fund launch in less than six months, there was a lot to be done!

The Journey team got straight to work, partnering with the key senior figures that had already joined the company prior to launch. The company and products were successfully launched to the market in May 2014 – and over £5billion of investment from both private and institutional investors was raised in the first few weeks alone. We were delighted with the range of work completed and the variety of channels and tools we were able to use and develop to take the key messages to all target audiences.

We helped with:

  • Advertising
  • Brand identity
  • Direct marketing
  • E:marketing
  • Internal comms
  • Logos & stationery
  • Print
  • Web design