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If you’re starting out on a new design project and it’s been a while or maybe you’ve not been through this process before – then we can help!

For your web projects we’ve developed a really useful questionnaire designed to get you thinking, this is complemented by our web process document which gives you a guide to what to expect during your web project. If branding is your thing, then have a look at our branding questionnaire. If you need any help then just drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.


Website briefing questionnaire – this is just the start…

Welcome to the initial discovery phase of your new website.

A scoping document is never a wasted effort, focussing the mind on what’s required from the outset, giving us a broad overview of the scope of the project. A good brief is vital for the success of a website, so we’re on the right track from the beginning.



Creating a website with Journey – The Process

Creating a new web site or updating an existing one can be a scary prospect for many.

With Journey you are in safe hands. We understand the importance of our clients’ websites. Your web project requires time and input, especially from senior stakeholders in your organisation, so an understanding of what is required from the outset is paramount.



Branding questionnaire – what’s so special about you?

Welcome to the discovery phase of your brand identity development.

A brand exercise is never a wasted effort in business and is crucial to revealing what is unique, critical and valuable about your company. A good brief is vital for the success of an identity project, without it we can just end up shooting in the dark to find the right solution.


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