An interactive direct mail campaign with personalised web pages


“This is a really great example of how Direct Mail really comes into it’s own. Being able to marry interaction of the targets, both offline (with the heat sensitive ink) and online with the unique URL and personalised page meant the engagement levels were high and uptake was even better than hoped for.”


Jeremy Cuthbert / Managing Director / Journey Ltd

About Spinnakar

Spinnakar is a software distributor with specialist capability in data centres and cloud technology.

How we helped

Spinnakar were looking to launch a campaign alongside SecureAuth a specialist provider in identity security. We wanted to convey the security level involved whilst also demonstrating the the individuality of each user and felt that this would be perfect for a mix of DM and online. So we created a direct mail piece with a ‘heat sensitive’ panel that would reveal a unique code when the recipient’s thumb was rested on it. The unique code could then be put into a portal which would take them to a personalised web page unique to that user with details of offers specific to them. Easy, if you know how!

How we helped:

  • Concepts
  • Design
  • Direct mail
  • Project management
  • Microsite
  • Data collection



Direct mail with heat sensitive ink