Get clear on what makes your business unique



Bring your point of difference to life in new creative ways


Maximise your reach and impact in every moment


Once we have an agreed set of key messages and tone of voice we can get our creative juices flowing, conjuring a visually exciting brand that not only represents your business personality but engages with your target customers whilst standing out from the competition. The application of colours, selected typography, choice of imagery alongside key words will attract attention and encourage a conversation.

We will work consistently across all media from your website, your emails and your video through to your exhibitions, client proposals and even how you communicate with your people.

How can we help?

Logo design
Logos are a powerful tool. Represented by text and visual imagery it can play a vital role in your brand and help communicate everything about your business. Journey values this and ensures that the creative suits your business and audience whilst creating the impact it deserves.

Brand visual identity
Journey builds upon your logo with a full brand visual identity. This encapsulates everything that your customers may see, evoking certain thoughts, feelings and memories around your brand. It can range from typography and language used in communications, to choice of imagery on your website to the layout of your office. Leveraging all the power that your brand has, your visual identity will create impact and resonate with the people you want to do business with.

Brand guidelines
The purpose of brand guidelines is to ensure that the brand is represented consistently by everyone that works with it. Journey can be instrumental in creating your brand guidelines due to our experience of knowing what, when and how brands need to be represented for maximum impact with your customers ensuring that as your business grows, you don’t end up with an unwieldy monster of a brand that doesn’t represent you.