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We are Journey: a brand and marketing agency based in Henley with strategy at the core of everything we do.

From brand discovery right the way through to marketing communications, we create authentic and inspired brand and marketing strategies that work for and are unique to your business.

Our approach is logical, simple and process-led, resulting in what is a communicable, real-world application of your brand. So whether you’re starting a new business, rebranding an old one, launching a new product or targeting a new market, we’ll work with you to articulate your story, hone your brand and showcase your differentiators to hit the right people with a message that truly represents your business.

How We Can Help

  • Define the key messages to communicate with your audience.
  • Outline your brand in a practical, actionable and logical way.
  • Form a strong, resilient brand that not only lasts, but increases in value.
  • Develop fresh and informed brand and marketing strategies that are aligned with your business goals.
  • Communicate the right messages with the right audience, in the right place at the right time.

Branding Services for Henley

Brand Audit

To know exactly where you’re going, you need to understand where you’ve come from. A thorough review of your brand, current messaging and creative collateral is the best way to identify where there’s room for improvement and plot a course of action.

Brand Workshop

These workshops, hosted, managed, directed and run by Journey in Henley or a location of your choice, form the foundations of your brand purpose. We like to involve a range of people from your business, from the shopfloor to the boardroom, to get a true understanding of the competitive landscape, who your target audiences are, and the values, culture and personality of your brand. This lays the groundworks for an impactful marketing strategy.

Tone of Voice

We bring your brand’s tone of voice together in one comprehensive, easy-to-navigate document, highlighting the key messages with a focus on your target audiences. It goes on to explore how to use this messaging and where, making it a valuable, practical tool for anyone in the business that communicates with customers and prospects.

Visual Identity

Your brand’s visual identity encompasses all those things that evoke for audiences the thoughts, feelings and memories associated with your company. Ranging from typography and language to user imagery, we define and develop your visual identity so that it resonates with the people you want to do business with.

Logo Design

It’s easy for an agency to design a logo that looks better than the one you already had. At Journey, we bolster expert design skills with reasoning and rationale to create a powerful logo that plays a vital role in communicating your brand.

Brand Guidelines

Whoever works with your brand should be able to represent it clearly and consistently with a practical means of doing so. At Journey, brand guidelines are integral to maximising brand impact on customers and maintaining the integrity of your brand now and in the future. This vital tool safeguards against brand dilution, ensuring that the valuable brand and marketing work we do with you represents your business for years to come.

Marketing Services for Henley

Insight Sessions

Our insight sessions are the starting point for all marketing strategies at Journey. Together, we review your customers, competitors, any barriers you might be facing, current activity, and most importantly, how we can make a change with a resilient and informed marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategies

Your marketing strategy should feel like an extension of your business plan, and drive all of your online and offline activity. At Journey, we work to understand your business objectives, not just those of the marketing department. True North is underpinned by your business goals, and our strategies reflect that.


The key to any effective communication strategy is hitting the right audience with the right messages at the right time. Journey’s expert creative and digital teams work in close collaboration to communicate your brand with your audience in an impactful way – and marketing communication doesn’t begin and end with digital; sometimes your audience needs something to hold onto. Through support, insight and industry knowledge, we help you to identify the best communication strategy for your campaigns and audiences.

Creative Support

Whether you’re looking to create an ambitious video piece for your company or host a live event in Henley or another location, there are many ways that we at Journey are able to support you. From designing websites to social media strategy, or email campaigns to brochures, our deliverables harness and build on the strength and value of your brand to drive successful marketing campaigns.

Our Approach

    1. It’s all about the process
      What sets us apart from other brand and marketing agencies is our focus on applying a logical process to all of our services. Not only does this provide you with transparency and the peace of mind that we’re getting things done; it transforms the topic of brand and marketing from something that can be left-field and abstract to an actionable process that is coherent and accessible to anyone from any business or industry.
    2. Your power lies in your differentiator
      A concern for many businesses is standing out from the competition and cutting through the noise. At Journey, we see this opportunity in the unique differentiators that all businesses have, no matter how evasive they seem. Our knowledge and experience means that we’re able to locate, harness and convey that unique point of difference to create brands and strategies that work.
    3. Authenticity is key
      You can expect a candid, relaxed and bull-free zone in our workshops. Allowing a business’s true, authentic self to take front and centre is half the battle when creating truly inspiring brands and strategies!
    4. Director-led commercial expertise
      We put our most senior people on the job: this Director-led approach means that the wealth of knowledge you receive from our well-seasoned brand and marketing experts is also backed up with 30 years of commercial, hands-on, real-world experience.