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We are Journey: a brand and marketing agency supporting accounting firms to make waves in an incredibly competitive space.

Through our unique process-led approach to the brand and marketing journey, we provide our London accounting clients with a refreshingly clear and methodical way of defining, harnessing and strategising their brand and marketing campaigns.

So whether you’re looking to refresh the branding of your firm, launch a new service, expand into new markets or communicate better with your audience, we’ll work closely with you and other key stakeholders to showcase your differentiators and communicate a message that’s truly representative of your accounting firm.

How we help London Accounting Firms

We work with our accounting clients to:

  • Define their brand in a simple, digestible and applicable way.
  • Identify and communicate key messages to the right audience, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Develop a strong, resilient brand that not only lasts, but increases in value to become a powerful asset to the business.
  • Align their brand and marketing strategies with their business objectives.

The challenge with creating impactful branding and marketing campaigns for accounting firms, particularly in London, is that the sector is hugely competitive and the services inherently similar. 

At Journey, we disrupt this narrative by approaching brand and marketing for accountants from a different angle: by defining and communicating your differentiator. Through years of experience dealing with financial businesses, we’re able to identify and utilise your key point of difference from your competitors to build a brand that resonates with your audience.

Branding Services for London Accounting Firms

Brand Audit

To gain a clear understanding of the direction of any project, we first need to establish the brand’s current position. We conduct a thorough review of current branding material, assets, collateral and campaigns to identify where there might be weak spots and plot a course of action.

Brand Workshop

Hosted and directed by Journey, the brand workshop provides a relaxed and informal space to discuss the details of your firm that lay the groundworks of your brand and future marketing campaigns. We discuss your target audience, the market landscape, competitors, brand vision and mission, and your organisational values, culture and personality. This ensures that all branding decisions are made with a reasoning rooted in the fundamentals of your accounting firm.

Tone of Voice

Using the information gathered in the brand workshop, we define the key messages and target audience in an easy-to-use tone of voice document. It also outlines how to use this messaging and where, to ensure that the message being communicated across the firm is consistent and fit for the audience.

Visual Identity

Your visual identity is made up of visual cues that evoke for your audience any thoughts, emotions or memories associated with your business. A powerful aspect of your brand, your visual identity influences how your brand sits in the minds of your audience. Be it the language you use, the colour palette or user imagery, we will develop a visual identity that sends the right message and visual cues to the people you most want to do business with.

Logo Design

Logo creation can and should be so much more than an attractive piece of graphic design. At Journey, your expert design skills are reinforced by reasoning and rationale to create a logo that not only looks professional, but plays a vital role in communicating important messages about your brand.

Brand Guidelines

It’s incredibly important that mechanisms are put in place to ensure that your brand is representative of your accounting firm for years to come. We safeguard against the dilution, and subsequent weakening, of your brand with clear brand guidelines. This digestible, user friendly document supports those who work with your brand to maintain consistency, and ultimately increase the value of your brand.

Marketing Services for London Accounting Firms

Insight Sessions

Before outlining any marketing campaign, we conduct an insight session to review your customers, competitors, opportunities and challenges, and current activity. This allows us to create highly informed marketing strategies that achieve what they’re intended for.

Marketing Strategies

Just as it’s important to consider the big picture in accounting and finance, the same applies to your marketing strategy. At Journey, our marketing strategies feel like an extension of your business plan, putting your overarching business objectives and ambitions at the heart of every campaign.


Communication with customers and prospects alike can be a minefield if the messages aren’t consistent or the audience fully defined. At Journey, we have years of experience of maximising the impact of comms on the audience by getting the right message to the right people, at the right time, and in the right format.

Creative Support

The true value of the brand and discovery work lies in the final deliverables: website design and development, email and social campaigns, video production, events management, brochure design… – the list goes on of the ways we’re able to support you in harnessing the value of your brand and driving ambitious, strategic marketing campaigns.

Our Approach to Branding and Marketing for London Accounting Firms

    1. Our Directors lead the way
      We put our most senior people on the job; you can relax in the knowledge that our brand and marketing expertise are bolstered by 30 years of commercial, real-world experience.
    2. We apply a logical process to everything we do
      With Journey, brand and marketing isn’t left-field, abstract or based on a hunch. Every decision we make with our clients is informed and considered, following a simple process that simplifies what can be an overwhelming subject.
    3. Everything’s taken care of
      The breadth of our skills as an agency allows us to provide end-to-end brand and marketing services. From your very first discovery session, right the way through to launching your first, fifth or tenth campaign, our experts are with you every step of the way.