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We are Journey: an agency of experienced brand & marketing experts offering ambitious, strategy-led services to businesses in the Reading area.

Our goal is to identify your differentiators and articulate your story, from brand discovery right the way through to the final deliverables to drive a successful, considered and strategic marketing campaign.

Every project is underpinned by our logical and process-led approach to brand and marketing to provide a clear application of your brand. From the very first meeting, we begin to form the tools and resources you or anyone in your business would need to easily communicate your key messages, maintain brand consistency, and build on the value of the work we do with you for years to come.

So whether you’re branding your business from scratch, refreshing an existing one, expanding into new markets or looking to better communicate with your audience, we’ll take you on that journey.

We can help you to…

  • Identify the core messages to be communicated to your audience.
  • Harness the potential and value of your current assets.
  • Define and communicate your brand in a simple, actionable way.
  • Create a strong branding foundation that continues to grow in value.
  • Launch ambitious, insight-led brand and marketing strategies that drive your business objectives.

Branding Services for Reading

Brand Audit

Where the journey begins: we thoroughly review your current messaging, any assets and resources you may have built up over time and any other supporting collateral. By understanding your current position, we’re able to identify what is and isn’t working and establish a clear direction for the project.

Brand Workshop

Hosted and run by Journey, the brand workshops allows for a relaxed and candid setting to discuss the ins and outs of your business. We’ll cover your competitive landscape, target audiences, brand values, company culture and personality, and your brand positioning. All this information is pulled together to form a strong and rational foundation for your brand identity.

Tone of Voice

The information gathered in the brand workshop informs your brand’s tone of voice. We collate key messages and audiences into a single document that outlines how to communicate your brand with customers and prospects – an incredibly valuable tool for anyone in the business.

Visual Identity

We define the visual cues that evoke for audiences the thoughts, memories and feelings associated with your business, spanning everything from typography to your colour palette. We’re able to form a visual identity that truly reflects your business and resonates with the people you want to do business with.

Logo Design

A logo is so much more than an attractive piece of graphic design: at Journey, every logo design decision is driven by reasoning and rationale to create a powerful communicator of your brand.

Brand Guidelines

A strong, resilient brand is an incredibly valuable asset. Brand guidelines are essential for ensuring that your brand is represented consistently and the integrity maintained now and for years to come, regardless of who works with it.

Marketing Services for Reading

Insight Sessions

All marketing strategies at Journey begin with an insight session. We review your customers, the competition, opportunities and barriers and any ongoing campaigns. Be it a social media or email campaign, offline activity or even a live event, gathering this insight allows us to plot a course of action.

Marketing Strategies

Your marketing strategies should feel like an extension of your business plan, feeding into the wider objectives of the organisation, not just the marketing department. Your business goals should dictate True North for all your online and offline activity, and our strategies reflect this.


There is no one way to communicate with your audience, and with many businesses delivering the wrong messages to the wrong audience, their efforts often fall on deaf ears. By clearly defining your messages, target audience and method of communication, we formulate a sound comms strategy for campaigns.

Creative Support

You’ve defined your brand and outlined your marketing strategy. So what next? To build on and harness the value from these strong foundations, professional, post-discovery deliverables are vital. Website design and development, video direction, live event management, email campaigns and brochures are only some of the ways that we’re able to support you in driving fresh and successful marketing campaigns.

The Journey Approach

    1. We apply a logical process to everything we do
      We differ from other agencies in Reading in the way we approach brand and marketing services. We transform what can be left-field, highly abstract and subjective work into a clear, digestible process. This gives you the benefit of having complete visibility over the work that’s being done, and a sound understanding of what’s being delivered and why.
    2. We utilise your powerful points of difference
      Standing out from the competition can be a real concern for many businesses, especially in highly saturated and competitive industries. Our experience of working with Reading businesses like yours is that we’re able to locate and convey your unique point of difference to create brands and strategies that work for you.
    3. We value authenticity, and so does your audience
      There’s a reason why our workshops are a relaxed and bull-free zone! Your honest answers, and allowing your business’s most authentic form to take centre stage is hugely important when creating truly inspiring brands and strategies that your audience will buy into.
    4. We put our most senior people on the job
      Unlike other agencies, with Journey you deal directly with our Directors. This means that the brand and marketing expertise going into every project is also supported by 30 years of commercial, real-world experience.