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Brand visual identity
Journey builds upon your logo with a full brand visual identity. This encapsulates everything that your customers may see, evoking certain thoughts, feelings and memories around your brand. It can range from typography and language used in communications, to choice of imagery on your website to the layout of your office. Leveraging all the power that your brand has, your visual identity will create impact and resonate with the people you want to do business with.

Your brand’s visual identity is so much more than a name or a logo. Your prospects will have a perception of you before they’re even engaged with you, so it’s necessary that how you portray your brand ticks their box and fills them with feelings of aspiration.

The visual identity is more complex than your brand. Brand often refers to a logo, but a logo on its own can’t cut through your competitors loud voices. Your logo is simply one element of your whole visual identity. To maximise its impact the full visual identity needs to be explored. Forbes identified in 2018 that consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenues by up to 23%. 1

Journey can work with you on creating this for every customer touch point. This can range from the tone of voice in your email communications, to logo brand extensions used in presentation templates, to imagery for advertising, to the door mat your customers walk over when entering reception. Literally anything that a customer sees or experiences will be considered to maximise their emotional response to your brand, encourage engagement and secure them as a repeat customer.