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We are Journey: a brand and marketing agency based in Henley specialising in logo and graphic design.

We’re living in an age of visual overload; from screen to zine, we scroll, swipe and flick as we process – and quickly forget – ever expanding quantities of information. At Journey, our goal is to break this cycle and create visual messaging that really cuts through the noise.

Bringing together some of the most talented people in graphic design, our creative assets, from logos to websites, are constructed with the highest level of skill and industry expertise to impactfully deliver the messages, experiences and visual cues associated with your business.

How We Can Help

    • Strengthen your visual identity.
    • Create an enduring logo that truly represents your business.
    • Achieve the emotional buy-in of your customers.
    • Communicate your brand with clarity and consistency.
    • Develop a bank of assets in a wide variety of formats.
    • Enhance your marketing campaigns.

Branding Services for London Accounting Firms

Brand Audit

To gain a clear understanding of the direction of any project, we first need to establish the brand’s current position. We conduct a thorough review of current branding material, assets, collateral and campaigns to identify where there might be weak spots and plot a course of action.

Our Services for Henley


All great visions begin with a strong foundation. However, if the basics aren’t established correctly, at best they simply don’t work, and at worst they negatively impact all future activity. At Journey, we work to get the fundamentals right for Henley businesses the first time, every time.

Core graphic design services that we offer to establish a strong framework for success include:

  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Iconography
  • Website design


There’s no escaping the fact that the most common way of communicating with audiences today is via online channels, and with the vast majority of businesses having some form of online presence and social media campaign, the amount of noise can be overwhelming. The best way to cut through is to establish strong supporting assets that engage your audience and ensure your messages land.

We’re able to enhance a wide range of digital campaigns with our graphic design services. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Campaign/advertising assets
  • Email template design
  • Digital brochures
  • Whitepapers
  • Newsletters


Digital channels may be the most common form of communication, but that doesn’t mean they’re always the most impactful way of reaching your audience.

Engaging people with something physical that they’re able to see or hold onto can create an incredibly visceral connection with your brand.

Our print and offline graphic design services span a wide range of formats, but include:

  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Advertisements
  • Signage
  • Exhibition and event collateral
  • Stationery and merchandise

Our Logo Design Service

A core service that we offer for businesses in Henley-on-Thames is logo design.

Logos are a powerful tool with a big job: this piece of icon design, imagery and typography appears everywhere from social media posts to headed letters, from internal comms to merchandise – and needs to look good doing it, too.

At Journey, we ensure the logos we design are versatile, timeless and original. Acting as visual representations of and spokespersons for your business, we approach every design detail of your logo with a consideration of what is being communicated, how, and why. This, combined with years of design experience, results in a logo that not only sticks in the minds of your audience, but does so for the right reasons. 

The Process


All design projects at Journey begin with a period of discovery. For a creative asset to be more than a ‘nice’ example of graphic design, it should be rooted in the fundamentals of your business, including brand personality, the wider market landscape, company culture, tone of voice, and your product and/or service offerings.

This learning phase underpins all of the work that we carry out with our clients to deliver outcomes that align with their brand messaging and campaign objectives.


Once we have a grasp on the creative and strategic objectives, we begin the first wave of design, pulling together ideas generated during the discovery session. We’re always accessible to our clients during this phase of the project and deliver on quick turnaround times with a consistent level of quality and attention to detail.


It’s incredibly important to us that clients feel confident in the work that’s being delivered. We run open and candid feedback sessions following this initial design period to ensure that the finished article is closely aligned with the client’s vision and objectives.


Once the final design iterations have been made and signed off, the project is delivered in the required formats with supporting documents where necessary (for example, logo guidelines).

Our Design Principles

    1. Reason-based design
      Creative decisions shouldn’t be made on gut feelings. Truly effective graphic design work is founded on communicable reasoning and logic.
    2. Highly-skilled professionals
      We employ some of the most passionate and talented people in the graphic design industry. That way, our clients are reassured that they’re receiving a world-class product.
    3. We join-up the dots
      We approach asset design in a way that considers how it will strengthen and interact with existing collateral and other campaign features across channels.
    4. Creatives fit for purpose
      At Journey, nothing is ever pre prescribed or outrageous for the sake of it. We ensure that the work we do is right for your business and your goals.
    5. Design that’s built to last
      We aim to create indelible creatives and graphic design assets that give you the utmost value, delivering projects that you would be proud to showcase even ten years from now.