It seems a bit strange to us that ‘design’ can be seen as such a step into the unknown when we are all surrounded by it daily. We all constantly make purchasing choices around our favourite brands. So, when it comes to the crunch, why do some people feel that commissioning ‘design’ is so daunting and something they feel they can do without?

Lets kick off by suggesting there could be a lack of understanding towards the benefits of embracing design. Let’s also admit that energy and cold hard cash need to be invested to make sure it’s done properly. Quite a combination of reasons but let’s also entertain the notion that ‘nothing lasts forever’! Sounds over dramatic but because the modern business world is constantly forging ahead, it won’t let anyone relax and keep their feet tucked under the desk. The risk of being left behind by your competitors is surely far more of a scary prospect than being intimidated by a rebrand! People change too, with ‘age’, ‘experience’, ‘trends’, ‘morals’, ‘finances’ and ‘technology’ all adding to the mixing pot, which can regularly churn out a slightly different answer. That means ‘design’ needs to reflect the constantly moving goalposts, making sure it satisfies the demand and quenches the thirst.

Getting jittery yet?
Of course, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is a valid argument but, ‘there is always room for improvement’ is an equally appropriate retort! Change isn’t always embraced but, if design is implemented correctly and confidently, it creates a buzz. People start talking about you and your products again. Just think back to the last time you had a new hair style or bought a new suit – a different, revitalised individual emerges ready to take on the world. In essence, an investment has been made and a rebrand has just taken place! ‘Never rest on your laurels’ because you can bet your shiniest pound that your competitors won’t be either. And, maybe that is why ‘design’ doesn’t have to feel like such a ‘leap of faith’ but, should be viewed more as a ‘stepping stone for success’.

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