Everyone has got one but not everyone knows how to find it or what to do with it!

Discovering your ‘essence’ is like a going on a creative pilgrimage – it will open your eyes to knowing exactly ‘who you are’ as a company and, equally importantly, how you should portray yourselves to your customers and encapsulate all your brand values. Sounds quite intriguing doesn’t it? Even more so when you could be losing business for no reason other than you seem ‘confused’ or ‘inconsistent’ in your service offering!

The process used to ultimately find your ‘essence’ requires direct questions and honest answers. On a basic level, it’s not unlike a trip to the dentist – slightly uncomfortable to begin with but clearly beneficial in the long run. But, cheat the system and you’ll cheat yourself and like a boomerang shaped dog, it will return to bite you on the corporate backside!

So what do you get when you’ve gently coaxed your best bits out into the open? Well, your new found ‘personality’ can then be molded, streamlined and perfectly matched to who you are ultimately targeting in the business world. Your essence becomes a linchpin for your company. The potential to become a business magnet is there for the taking. Tapping into your essence can differentiate your brand from your competitors and align business objectives with brand strategy. It is also vital that your essence is succinct, inspirational and memorable.

Clients (present and potential) can then be reassured of who you are and that you are the best business for the job. Employees, too, can be confident they are all singing from the same song sheet. Some say that in business it’s all about ‘who you know’. Well, if you are confident of who you are, isn’t it more likely people will want to know you?

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