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Live – Events, environments and exhibitions
Actual physical settings communicate a vast amount to your customer. Immersing them in your world for a short time generates a memory around your brand through striking visuals, smooth production and timely logistics. Journey’s live events team will ensure that the memory stays with your customer.

When jumping off a boat into the ocean, you become completely and utterly absorbed into another world. Similarly, nothing quite connects your customer to your brand as an event, exhibition or environment. Taking your customer out of their familiar world and placing them in yours will fully immerse them into your brand and company. If you want to get a message across to them then this is the time to do it.

Whether it be taking an exhibition stand, running a bespoke incentive event, a product launch, designing a new office space or customer area, or an internal meeting, Journey are able to work with you to create a remarkable experience for both your employees and customers. Journey understand that each brief has unique objectives which we will then translate into the appropriate vehicle in which to convey this to your audience, fully immersing them into your brand.

Journey can work with you on all elements of exhibitions, events and environments covering:

  • sourcing exceptional venues
  • registration process
  • development of agendas
  • management of content
  • building sets, staging and production
  • advice on capitalising your event exhibition stand presence
  • mind blowing food and beverages
  • sensational, much talked about gala dinners
  • logistics
  • post event analysis covering ROI, effectiveness of the communication of key messages, follow up targeted marketing, relationship building and keeping dialogue open through providing stats from the event, direction to landing pages providing content or imagery from the event or exhibition

Journey will always encourage a wow factor with your event, exhibition or environment. Our philosophy is go big or go home. Always give more than is expected, demonstrate approachable confidence and provide positive energy and the impact of your brand will be huge.