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Print communications – Direct mail, brochures, look books, banners
Sometimes your audience needs something to hold onto. Journey thinks about your target audience, the message you wish to communicate and the best format in which to say it. Shock horror… the answer may not always be digital…

Imagine sitting at your desk and an envelope lands next to you. The mystery. The intrigue.

Printed communications still happen believe it or not, and they can have a massive impact and generate much chatter. Your target audience may not have permanent access to email or the internet, or maybe they have too much access and need something else to cut through all the clutter they receive online? Clever design and creative engineering can really connect to your customers and get your message across.

Royal Mail state that more than 92% of direct mail is opened and 48% of UK adults took action after receiving direct mail last year, illustrating a large ROI.1

Direct mail pieces, look books which always encourage people to talk, banners to complement and grab attention, point of sale pieces to inform would be purchasers, production of manuals and books for internal and external use are all still relevant in our digital world. After all you can’t die cut, emboss or add spot UV to an email can you?