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Video production – Talking heads, company overview, live broadcast
Getting your video content in front of your target audience is the ultimate goal for Journey’s video production team. Strategy, planning, creative direction and video production ensure that your customers’ attention is grabbed and stays focussed.

The Buggles were wrong. Video definitely didn’t kill the radio star. It only made them stronger.1 The impact that video has on marketing is phenomenal. 92% of online mobile viewers share videos with others and visitors to a website stay on it for two minutes longer if it has a video on it.2 Those stats can’t be ignored in the recognising the importance of video to your marketing strategy. By the end of 2019, Cisco estimates show 80% of all internet traffic worldwide will be video (via Interactive Advertising Bureau).3

Journey’s video production team will work with you to develop a strategy, plan a detailed campaign, direct creatively a shoot and produce an end result that will connect with your customers. This can take the form of promotional sales videos, short films for use on social platforms, live streaming webinars, internal training overviews, thought leadership.

We are aware that not everyone feels comfortable in front of a camera despite how passionate they feel about their brand and company. Journey can provide you with training to help you relax, be authentic and deliver with impact. The skills learnt in this can be translated across all platforms of business from presentations to sales pitches.