Your brand must reflect
your business

…it’s the law and we’re the brand police!

Journey helps firms identify their true selves, develop their niche and acquire quality clients. We take our creative expertise and sector experience combined with your insight to develop long lasting, fluid and memorable brands that win business. Big business!

If it’s time for a change, get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling to helping you achieve your goals.

Why would I need to talk to Journey?
‘Brand’ is one of those over-used words that is so often misunderstood.
Put simply, your ‘brand’ is what your customer or prospect thinks of when he or she hears your name or checks out your website. It’s everything they have learnt about you – both factually and emotionally. A mix of their perceptions and experiences with you. Your name, logo, website, brochure, staff, pricing, tweets etc exist objectively; people can see them, they’re fixed but your brand exists only in someone’s mind. Are you happy with your brand?

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  • Business and brand positioning consultancy
  • Visual identity and logo design
  • Digital communications
  • Print communications
  • Events, environments and exhibitions
  • Marketing services and production
  • Video production

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