Eton Bridge continues from strength to strength

We’ve loved working on the New Eton Bridge web site. Having designed their last web site, it was great to hear that the just needed a simple update rather than a completely new look as the old site was working so well.

After a couple of discovery meetings we set about working on where the improvements were needed and how we could achieve a better user experience without reinventing the wheel. With the overriding requirement that it just needed to reflect evolutionary changes within the business and comfortably display video. We helped produce and edit those too.

Early days results are showing a significant increase in in both traffic and dwell time.

What we said

“We really enjoyed working on this as there are so many contributor’s to the Eton Bridge web site and with an ever-growing team, we have been able to integrate some really attractive and user friendly elements to the site”.

Jeremy Cuthbert / Marketing Director / Journey

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