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Brand communications audit
Without a true north to follow businesses often end up with a conflicting brand that conveys varying messages to their clients and prospects. A brand audit to review all of your collateral both online and offline is the best place to start to identify where there is room for improvement.

An audit of your brand, your baby, can sound scary. It’s not. Measuring using a brand audit will identify the strengths, weaknesses and the impact of your brand on its performance will produce positive outcomes. In the end it will improve your customers experience, engagement and willingness to recommend your service or product.

The Brand audit will identify whether your brand and marketing strategy needs a light touch rethink or a wholesale change to align itself with the direction of the business and the overall business plan to aid growth. Ultimately it can help your business increase returns on investment if successful changes are made.

For those whose brand is under the spotlight of scrutiny, those who are flourishing and wish to create a brand extension and those who simply wish to ensure they are aligned to their strategy a brand audit is the best place to start.

Moneysupermarket this year have changed from their iconic use of “You’re so Moneysupermarket” to “Get money calm” after a decade. This occurred after an audit identified that the “You’re so…” strapline did not fit with their audience research, where less than 10% claimed to feel calm about their finances.1 Which goes to show even the big players conduct brand audits periodically to ensure they are connecting with their customers.2