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Brand workshop
A brand workshop develops on the audit to explore your brand’s value, identify the key elements of your proposition and hone your target audience. This provides the brand purpose and the ground work to build effective tools and an impactful marketing strategy. Journey can host, manage, direct and run this workshop.

Getting together the key stakeholders can be quite a mission due to diary clashes, however it is imperative that these people are all in the room. They may all feel they know the brand inside out however perceptions amongst themselves will undoubtedly be very different. At Journey we love managing these conversations between stakeholders! The collaborative nature of these brand workshops can often remove any dismissive thoughts that may pop up. The use of activities to get these stakeholders talking, thinking, putting pen to paper helps them to rediscover their brand together. The CIM reports that only 48% of their leadership team all speak about the brand with a unified voice.1

Focussing on the physical aspects of the brand together with the beliefs and expectations surrounding it, the workshop will help understand how your brand is perceived. It will help you plan, build and implement and communicate your brand to your specific target audience.

It’s easy for the conversations to take many tangents and become passionate, but that’s great as it means you are just as passionate about your brand and its perception as Journey is. In order to capitalise on the energy in the room we will run the structured workshop with creativity, fun and always a coffee break or two.

At the end of the brand workshop attendees will always think differently to when they went in and view it from different viewpoints, especially from that of their customer.

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