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Brand book
Using the discovered brand purpose and business goals, Journey will distil this into a concise document to develop tone of voice, highlight your key messages and focus on communicating with your customers to maximise their experience.

The words you use in all your communications with customers are as important as your logo. It can determine how a customer perceives and feels about your product or service. Think of Virgin, Apple, GoPro. They all have a distinct tone of voice and will have evoked thoughts in you.

Understanding your brand, company, employees, customers, market place and values all contribute to crafting the tone of voice document. There is a difference between style (sentence construction, grammar) to tone (the actual words used to induce feelings towards your brand) upon which Journey will guide you on. And if it suits your brand, we’ll let you break a few rules (like starting a sentence with ‘and’).

Key messages complement your brand’s tone of voice. Journey will help you to combine the two to maximise your customers experience with your brand. Research has shown us that your customers are individuals and not a collected group of brainwashed purchasers. There is too much choice and information out there for people to go for the easiest route. Communicate correctly with your audience to generate desire and inspire demand. If done correctly, they’ll be your fans for life.

Read Campaign Monitor’s tone of voice guidelines to be used in copywriting: